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Alice Cooper sings Alice in a straight jacket Alice on stage 2 Alice on stage 3
Alice and his snake Alice singing to the photographer Kim Mitchell live Kim on stage, makes a face
Rick Nelson of Cheap Trick, check out the wierd guitar Alex Lifeson of RUSH(80's) RUSH in Fredericton 1977
(Geddy, Alex)
RUSH in F'ton on stage
(Alex, Geddy)
Def Leppard on stage Def Leppard on stage 2 Steve Harris of Maiden on stage Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
Kim Mitchell wearing some colorful pants Haywire on stage Paul Stanley of KISS on stage
Gene Simmons of KISS
Great White
Great White pic 2
Eddie Van Halen
Maiden group shot
Rick Nelson of Cheap Trick
Queensryche on stage 1
Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith
Robin Zander of Cheap Trick
Queensryche on stage 2
Def Leppard and a fan backstage
Another recent pic of Def Leppard and a fan
Pics from the recent Rockfest at the Shediac Can-Am Speedway from July 24-25th 1999.
April Wine Members: Myles Goodwyn, Brian Greenway, Jerry Mercer, Jimmy Clench.

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April Wine on stage, Myles Goodwyn and Brian Greenway
Greenway Goodwyn, Clench Myles/Greenway
All 3 guitarists together
Clench, Goodwyn, Greenway
April Wine 6
Myles/Greenway guitar dual
Goodwyn, Greenway April Wine live at a F'ton club
April Wine live 2 April Wine live 3
April Wine at the RockFest
April Wine at the RockFest

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